Weekend of Snow

Friday night the sky dropped a foot of snow on us. I got up saturday with a goal too hit some big miles on the trails. I got out to pine lane trail head, had to slap the truck into 4×4. I was the first one their, no plow trucks have hit the short road to the trail head. That’s why I have a 4×4 truck. I hit the trail, I ran good, blazing through the snow hard and fast. After 3 miles I was getting beat. I had rolled my right ankle like 3 times. I turned around and call it a day for 7 miles for the day in the snow. Sunday I took some time to kick snow off a trail hill so I could do some hill repeats. It is a big hill with random big log steps. A great hill to run up and down, the steps keep you on your game. So it was low miles for the weekend, but the effort of the workout was good.


One Response to “Weekend of Snow”

  1. Congrats on your new page, Brian. WordPress is taking me a little while to get used to, also. I like the flexibility of it and the wider range of templates. Great job getting out in the snow. I’m glad your ankle is okay.

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