Deep Snow

So I get up have cup of coffee and my Rx protein bar. Then get my gear on and head out to pine lane trail head. A little light snow still blowing around. I get rolling down the trail it’s only about a foot wide and semi packed. With all the snow we been getting it was ok, just really soft. I really had to stay on my game so I don’t roll the ankles too hard. A slow pace but a great workout and 8 more miles done. In the afternoon I went too sand run parks jog path that gets plowed and got 6 more miles for the day.


2 Responses to “Deep Snow”

  1. Nice job! Sounds like it wasn’t too bad out.

  2. For some reason, I have had trouble receiving updates from your new blog spot. I’ve finally found you. I like the black and orange.

    How much snow have you all gotten? I’m a little jealous. It doesn’t make for good running weather, but I’m anxious to get up to the mountains for some skiing!

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