I will be so glad when the winter Olympics are over, so I can get to bed. I just can’t stay away. The Ski Cross race is so sweet all the jumps, just want too ski it now! I have just been stuck to the tv. I need to run more and sleep, not sit and watch the Olympics for hours that will not get me trained for 100 mile ultra’s.

The nice weather is gone, back to cold and snow. Can’t wait till spring and running in shorts.


3 Responses to “Olympics”

  1. Very funny! I very rarely watch TV but have also been up late watching the Olympics. It’s exhausting! Glad you are enjoying it, too. I’m with you about the shorts! I can’t wait!

  2. I hear ya! Last week, I stayed up late to watch the half pipe and I was exhausted the next day! I too am ready to go skiing.

  3. polynesian69 Says:

    Totally! I’ve been sleeping on the couch for 2 weeks now. I try to stay up and watch the main events but always fall asleep during a commercial. I actually broke down and got a DVR so I can catch up with all the Olympics I’m missing. Still in training and getting out there to do morning yoga and trail runs, but I just had to stop by and say I totally feel ya’ on this one!


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