Canada Hockey Team Celebration

Well everyone has too make a big deal again. The Hockey team of Canada is getting a beef about the celebration on the ice after winning. Drinking beer and champagne, and smoking cigars. Now I get it! It’s a high level of sports, and maybe doing it on the ice maybe was not the right place. But those girls earned it just like everyone, all the training and work to get a medal. The world has bigger problems than that!

Party On! You Earned it!


3 Responses to “Canada Hockey Team Celebration”

  1. I didn’t realize there was so much fuss about this. Then again, as an American, I’ve got worse things to defend.

    I don’t run trails with an iPod either. Last time I did, I fell and cracked my shoulder by paying too much attention to music and not enough to the rocky terrain. Haven’t had a face plant since.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I heard people complaining about this. They won olympic gold, let ’em celebrate! Though it would have been much cooler has the USA won…

  3. People were complaining about this? Doesn’t surprise me, there are people out there that will damn near complain about anything! So pathetic.

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