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A Easy Week

Posted in Running on March 29, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

I made it a easy week of running. The weather was up and down, more cold than anything. Just a good rest week. Work was hell, long day’s. We had great run’s just low weekly mile’s. I hope everyone had a great weekend!



Posted in Running on March 24, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

I got out the door this morning (in short’s) and I said a little cold but it’s only a short 6 miles. I get to sandrun parkway and get running. It just felt great cool, but just right. Keeping it easy as allway’s on workday’s. I get back to the truck check the time 7 minute miles. 1 minute faster than normal and I wasn’t even pushing, it just felt good. I don’t make a big deal about time on short easy runs, I just log them in my weekly overall miles. It’s great when you can shave sometime and not even try. Just a easy run.

That run this morning is the onlything good about this week so far. I hope everyone is having a great week.
Run Hard!

First Spring Weekend

Posted in Running, Trail Running, Ultrarunning with tags , , , on March 21, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Well the first day of spring is here, and the first weekend. It is my weekend with the kid’s, allways make’s my training hard. I got out on the Buckeye trail Saturday and did a little over 15 miles. A nice day sunny but a little on the cool side. I was a little slow at the end, I ran light and fast. Just one bottle of water. The first half was about 8min miles, ran hard up and down the hills. Great run, but I did need fuel to keep it up! But it was just a light and sorta fast, at the end was 3 hrs. If I had fuel I would have had a stronger finish time!

Sunday morning I take my oldest girl (Jordan) to the Tow Path Bike Path to get some miles. We did 6 miles, her on the bike and me running. Every mile she was complaining about somthing, I try to get them out and play hard, but I only get them every other weekend. A few pictures from the run.

We ran into the train from the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad that runs along side the tow path. I gave myself a hair cut, get rid of the winter hair and get ready for the summer heat.

Race Season

Posted in Running, Trail Running with tags , on March 19, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

I now have three months till the North Face Mohican 100. Training is going good, still need to up my speed and overall weekly mile’s. But other wise it’s looking good. The spring weather is here, a little. We will get some more snow but not much. I hope everyone going to Boston are ready, it’s coming up fast! Best of luck to all going, i was born just out side of Boston so it’s kinda my home town. The better weather to come will make training and racing way better. And I hope you are ready!

I hope to hit some good long back to back runs this weekend. One will be on the bike path, so my girls can come with me on their bikes. I might do some hill repeats and let them time me. Then get some trailrunning in the mud.
Have a great weekend and run hard!

Mud, Rain, And Trailrunning

Posted in Running, Trail Running on March 14, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

The snow is gone but the rain just will not stop. I went to Perkins Trail, a tough technical trail and a trail know for shoe sucking mud. The rain made the streams rolling deep and cold. I love the trail lots of hills, deep mud, stream crossings, and roots. What more can a trailrunner ask for. The trail starts at a covered bridge and a river that was rolling good, so I new the streams would be rolling. The rain had let up so I took the iPhone so I could snap some pictures. The first time around the loop was good, I got off some pictures. Just about the time to hammer another loop the rain started again, so I leave the phone in the truck. After that loop I cross the street and do some stair/hill more hard hill work.

It was a good weekend of running the trail just not as many miles that I wanted. Just under 20 miles for the weekend. The cold rain and streams might just get me sick and I don’t want that down time. The warmer spring weather is coming and I can’t wait!

Weekend of Mud

Posted in Running, Trail Running on March 12, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

We will have some warm weather this weekend and a little rain. With the melting snow we will have deep mud. I will run at least 20 miles Saturday and 10 miles on sunday. Race season is coming up! Need miles and speed work on the trails. I have been doing good work so far, I run everything. I run the hills hard and fast, I shred my lungs on the up hill and pound the the legs on the down hill. My miles need to be higher! But the workouts have been good. The mud will be fun to play in! Just hope the rain is warm, I will be in shorts and tank top only.
Have a great weekend and run hard!

Bataan 102: Ultramarathon

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Bataan Death March Tribute ultramarathon
March 6 at midnight brave runners start at Bataan Death March Shrine in Mariveles,Bataan set out for a ultramarathon. With temps 105 Fahrenheit runners brave a path that many people died many years ago. The finish 102km to old railway station San Fernando, Pampanga. The cut off 18 hours. This is one awsome race I loved reading about it and too share. This is the secound year of this Tribute Race I will see what I can to race this in 2011. The history of this is something that hits me and to have a ultra I’m in! Check out