Just Another Snowy Week

We have more snow on and off this week. I’m so ready for spring and shorts. I love running in the winter and in snow. But the workout hits you hard, a lot of rolling the feet and ankles. Puts a lot of stress on the body, but most of all I hate pants. Had some good runs, running all the hills as hard and fast as I could with the fresh snow. The streams where rolling good,ade the crossing fun with the little rocks just under the water level. I wanted to stay as dry as I could, just makes running in all the snow better.

Spring is coming that all so means race season is on. I still have some hard training too hit hard. I need to really up my miles and my speed on the big mile runs. My small runs are ok but I race ultra’s, so I need work. Spring will help but then we will have mud, can’t win. Just run and run hard!


4 Responses to “Just Another Snowy Week”

  1. I remember those Ohio winters … and shiver! The snow runs definitely tax you – almost cannot measure the impact in miles alone as they take a toll on your system. Train well and hope for Spring to break out – shorts make it feel like “real” running!!!

  2. Saw your comment – Grew up outside of Warren, so know most of Northeast OH pretty well. Just never was a trail runner while living there. Where do they hold the Mohican that you’re signed up for?

  3. I’m kind of worried about the mud, too, but I can’t help but be excited about the warmer temps. I love your new blogroll to the side. I need to figure out how to do that on wordpress. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

  4. It is spring like here this week. It really makes it hard to concentrate at work! Like you said, with the warm weather comes the mud…ugh.

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