Scott Jurek in Runner’s World magazine

Ultrarunner Scott Jurek is in this months Runner’s world magazine. I’m not shocked, ultrarunners do find a way into the mag. But this story “The King of Pain” was very good. I don’t think he is the king of pain, but anyway. He is great runner who has been through a lot! The story “married to a Nonrunner” kindda goes with the king of pain, it just shows the stress of being a runner. To run at his level in big race’s has to be hard, but we all have hard days in life.

I wasn’t a runner when I was married and we had our kids. I started running a few years after my divorce. But I see the problems of a runner and a nonrunner. I spend a lot of time training, I don’t really have time to date anyone with work, running, and kids every other weekend. But I love ultrarunning, and will run till I can’t. I got Ultrarunning Magazine today too, I’m getting some reading in today. My girls have the Tv. So it’s great timing. I got a great 15 mile run in. Sunny and warm high 40’s nice packed snow, some mud, the streams are about knee deep so we had wet shoe’s today but it was good.


7 Responses to “Scott Jurek in Runner’s World magazine”

  1. Nice – 15 miler is sweet, especially with good temps. My aunt said the snow is starting to melt back there so that means some mud then good running after!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    I really liked the article about Scott. Scott a superhuman, but in the end… he’s just human — just like the rest of us 🙂

  3. He is just like the rest of us at the end of the day. I’m not sure that the runners world was a way of getting out what’s going on in his life and why he fell off a little in ultrarunning. But I will love too see a great come back.

  4. I really liked that article. Believe it or not, I had never heard of him before!

  5. Well he is a ultrarunner who is not in Runners World but it’s a story that sells. I know becouse my site has gotten a Really a lot of hits. From everyone hitting google, for info about him and his Divorce!

  6. soapysmith Says:

    The article said his wife left him for a runner she met while they were running with the Indians in Mexico. Do you know who it is?

  7. The story of Scott has been on the down low, till Runners World. He has not raced much, stays close to home. Utlrarunners are a very close group. My blog has gotten a lot of hits, from google of people searching him and his divorce. I don’t know the detail’s, and I’m not here too out him or her. SORRY!!

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