Today I give the Trailguru app from my iPhone a try. It worked really good gave me all the gps numbers and even a map of the run. This is the loop I do right from home 80% trails 20% road.
Distance 9.39 miles
Average 5.6mph
Time 1:41:21
Moving 1:37:55
Stopped 3:26
Max Elevation 337m / 1105ft
Total Ascent 1405m / 4609ft
Total Descent 1364m / 4475ft
It was good to see the numbers on this run. I have the gps numbers for most of the trails but this one.


4 Responses to “Trailguru”

  1. Sounds like a cool app – just be careful with the iPhone on the run – I would hate to drop one of those things…

  2. Hey, thanks so much for the babywipe suggestion! I’ve never thought of using those, so soft too!
    Last fall, we came across a guy who had fallen off his mountain bike and was knocked out when we were on an ultra training run. Everyone had iphones on the run and not ONE worked where we were! Obviously, we were remote but everyone was so frustrated. I’m glad your apps worked though, that’s very cool and helpful.

  3. Thanks for the tip about the app! Very usefull!

  4. polynesian69 Says:

    you can try RunKeeper free for trail running too. It also has manual entry if you work out at the gym. Its what I use, and its been a key training tool for me.

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