Race Season

I now have three months till the North Face Mohican 100. Training is going good, still need to up my speed and overall weekly mile’s. But other wise it’s looking good. The spring weather is here, a little. We will get some more snow but not much. I hope everyone going to Boston are ready, it’s coming up fast! Best of luck to all going, i was born just out side of Boston so it’s kinda my home town. The better weather to come will make training and racing way better. And I hope you are ready!

I hope to hit some good long back to back runs this weekend. One will be on the bike path, so my girls can come with me on their bikes. I might do some hill repeats and let them time me. Then get some trailrunning in the mud.
Have a great weekend and run hard!


3 Responses to “Race Season”

  1. Have a great weekend of running and enjoy the time with your girls!

  2. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Hey Brian… I ran my 20 miles today… felt pretty good considering what happened last weekend… my face/stitches felt fine – but I was feeling some pangs in parts of my body I wasn’t really expecting… surely, from the fall and the muscles still hurting..

    I cannot comprehend running a 100 mi. At about mi. 19 of our run, I said to my husband, “I can’t fathom doing this 4 more times!” He wants to run the Leadville 100 in the future — it’s relatively close to where we live. I say “no” now… but who knows… maybe one day I’ll conquer 100! Good for you!! It’s a pretty epic thing for sure…

  3. Good job on the run! The hardest part about Leadville is the climb of the mountains, that’s why it’s one of the hardest 100’s in the US. I hope to hit Leadville next year, the hardest part for me is getting from Oh to Co.

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