First Spring Weekend

Well the first day of spring is here, and the first weekend. It is my weekend with the kid’s, allways make’s my training hard. I got out on the Buckeye trail Saturday and did a little over 15 miles. A nice day sunny but a little on the cool side. I was a little slow at the end, I ran light and fast. Just one bottle of water. The first half was about 8min miles, ran hard up and down the hills. Great run, but I did need fuel to keep it up! But it was just a light and sorta fast, at the end was 3 hrs. If I had fuel I would have had a stronger finish time!

Sunday morning I take my oldest girl (Jordan) to the Tow Path Bike Path to get some miles. We did 6 miles, her on the bike and me running. Every mile she was complaining about somthing, I try to get them out and play hard, but I only get them every other weekend. A few pictures from the run.

We ran into the train from the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad that runs along side the tow path. I gave myself a hair cut, get rid of the winter hair and get ready for the summer heat.


4 Responses to “First Spring Weekend”

  1. Sounds like a good weekend. Do you not carry gels or anything on your long run? I get low blood sugar, so not an option for me – just curious about other runners. Glad you spend time with your kids – it will be important that they know their dad wanted to spend time with them. Have a great week Brian.

  2. Did I forget too say light! Ya, we should all be so lucky that I put shorts on! The bad part was the shorts had no pockets. I do use gels and sometimes I stash aid. But sometime’s I push the limits of the fuel, so I know how far I can push.

  3. I know it’s hard with kiddos that age to keep them out there exercising but she WILL remember these moments with you. Keep encouraging!

  4. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Nice… good time with your girls! I too have two daughters, and my youngest happens to be “Jordan”… We also try to get them out w/ us on the bike, hiking, and yes – even sometimes running, but they don’t appreciate the running for what it is at this point in their young lives 🙂

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