I got out the door this morning (in short’s) and I said a little cold but it’s only a short 6 miles. I get to sandrun parkway and get running. It just felt great cool, but just right. Keeping it easy as allway’s on workday’s. I get back to the truck check the time 7 minute miles. 1 minute faster than normal and I wasn’t even pushing, it just felt good. I don’t make a big deal about time on short easy runs, I just log them in my weekly overall miles. It’s great when you can shave sometime and not even try. Just a easy run.

That run this morning is the onlything good about this week so far. I hope everyone is having a great week.
Run Hard!


5 Responses to “Nice-N-cool”

  1. Sorry the week is not cooperating! It is always refreshing to lay down a good time when you are not trying – that’s a little stock in the mental banks for when an important run gets tough. Hope your week shapes up better!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    I hope your week improves and you can get in lots of good running.

  3. Nice pace for a short run! Sorry your week is looking down, hope it perks up soon!

  4. It’s always nice to feel good after a run and know you didn’t push it…and still have a great pace!
    I hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. Hey, always a bonus when you go faster without even trying. Glad that your running is going well.

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