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Mid Week Run’s

Posted in Running, Trail Running with tags , on April 29, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Running for this week has been good. The AM run’s of 6-7 miles have gone good. The 7 mile trail run this morning was good, I did have a hard ankle roll on the left foot. But as allway’s was able to keep running on it. Had a lot of pain in the old right foot and toe. After smashing my toe, hitting the steep up hill’s kill’s the toe. It will recover, it’s not out of control or anything yet! The weekend is going too be a mess weather wise, have some big run’s to get in. And it look’s like rain all weekend. Everyone on Yahoo Groups on the Mohican 100 race have started posting like crazy! It’s getting close, and they talk about wet shoe’s, getting lost, aid station’s, just everything! Some just worry too much and some have everything to worry about “NewRunner”. Well we will see what the wet weekend bring’s!


Sun & Thunderstorm’s

Posted in Running, Trail Running on April 25, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

The start of my run was so great, warm and sunny. I ran out of pine lane trail head ( my #1 goto trail ) felt good. A little muddy from the rain we got over night but still nice. The body held together really good. Ran down to Boston Mill’s and ran up and around to Blue Hen fall’s, took a few picture’s with the iPhone

Then I could see the thunder storm’s coming over the hill’s so gave a good sprint back to pine lane. Just over 11 mile’s, not bad it felt good for a Sunday run.

Wet Running

Posted in Running, Trail Running on April 24, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Hit the trail’s as the rain let up for while. My stomach bug is still very much around. But I hit the trail’s anyway, did a strong 10 mile’s, felt good. My stomach didn’t bug me while I was running till just about the end. My right foot felt good just a little pain, the time off helped. With cold and rain I didn’t want to push big mile’s while still being still a little sick. Really bug’s me, I have big race’s coming up fast. Two, one hundred mile race’s in June and July put’s me on edge! It’s all part of the sport, but I have more I want to kick! But I need kick the first two race’s first! Have a great weekend and RUN HARD!!!

Mid Week Run’s

Posted in Running, Trail Running on April 22, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Hit the week with some good run’s in the morning’s before work. Some good trail running this morning, 8 mile’s of up and down the hill’s. Had some good right mid foot pain, but other wise felt strong. Just a little over an hour for 8 mile’s of all hill’s is not bad. Took it easy on the down hill’s to keep the hitting too hard on the right foot. The weather has been chilly and look’s like rain all weekend. I want warm sunny weather, just great running weather. Maybe I’m asking too much. I will go shopping for a new pair of short’s after work. I need to try something new, all my short’s are long, so I want to try short. I have long leg’s, I just not sure about the look. Just looking for a comfort zone, not look’s. Everyone have a great weekend and RUN HARD!!

Home Sweet Home

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It’s nice to be home. The funeral was very nice, the weather was nice until I came home. And now I’m sick as a dog. April has been hell, I will be happy when it’s over. I need to recover fast I have missed a lot of running. Hope everyone’s weekend was better than mine.


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Well I will not get any more running this week. When things get bad they get bad. I uncle passed away Monday, he lost his battle too cancer. A great man, one that would give anyone the shirt off his back. I will drive my mom to Wash DC for the funeral Thursday. Well it’s life, and happy days will come back.

Running Pain’s

Posted in Running on April 11, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Well the weekend bring’s cool and sunny day’s. I got some spring cleaning done, just to keep from shredding big mile’s this weekend. My foot has been sore and even seem’s to hurt all the way to my ass. I did get over to the bike path for some flat run’s. I got 8 mile’s each day, 16 mile’s for the weekend, not bad for the pain. 40 mile’s for the week, a little lower than i should have. The low mile’s these past week’s will put me behind, I have two month’s two peak for my first race the North Face Mohican 100. So need too get better fast so I can step up the trainning. Best of luck to everyone running Boston! Run Hard!