Good Morning Run

The first of the many morning trail run’s, I don’t run the trail’s on workday’s in the winter. The big hill’s are all ice and it’s dark at 600AM. So I wait till spring too hit the hardcore morning trail’s before work. I got out this morning nice and warm with a good wind, no sun we have a storm moving in. But I had nice 7mile trail run. Some nice pain in my right foot ( that I smashed at work last week) but we ran good. We are half way to the weekend,
And I can’t wait!!
Hope everyone is having a good week!


3 Responses to “Good Morning Run”

  1. Weekends, good spring weather, and Trails – aaaah! Hope that foot is feeling better by the weekend B.

  2. Spring trail runs are the best even though they can be chilly! How’s the foot doing?

  3. Sorry about the foot but glad you made it back out on the trails. I bet it’s wonderful to run on the trails before the rest of the world wakes up.

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