Running Pain’s

Well the weekend bring’s cool and sunny day’s. I got some spring cleaning done, just to keep from shredding big mile’s this weekend. My foot has been sore and even seem’s to hurt all the way to my ass. I did get over to the bike path for some flat run’s. I got 8 mile’s each day, 16 mile’s for the weekend, not bad for the pain. 40 mile’s for the week, a little lower than i should have. The low mile’s these past week’s will put me behind, I have two month’s two peak for my first race the North Face Mohican 100. So need too get better fast so I can step up the trainning. Best of luck to everyone running Boston! Run Hard!


2 Responses to “Running Pain’s”

  1. Wish that foot would come around for you. It’s always a drag when the desire is dampened by a physical limitation. But also better not to push it and end up with no running at all. Hope you get some rest and are able to push out some good runs this next weekend!

  2. I missed exactly what is wrong with your foot but hope that wheel gets fixed soon.

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