Wet Running

Hit the trail’s as the rain let up for while. My stomach bug is still very much around. But I hit the trail’s anyway, did a strong 10 mile’s, felt good. My stomach didn’t bug me while I was running till just about the end. My right foot felt good just a little pain, the time off helped. With cold and rain I didn’t want to push big mile’s while still being still a little sick. Really bug’s me, I have big race’s coming up fast. Two, one hundred mile race’s in June and July put’s me on edge! It’s all part of the sport, but I have more I want to kick! But I need kick the first two race’s first! Have a great weekend and RUN HARD!!!


4 Responses to “Wet Running”

  1. Glad your stomache and foot cooperated this morning. I ran right through the worst of it and had to cut it short due to lightening. You were smarter to go a little later after it abated. Still plenty of time before June. I hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  2. Nice to get some running in but also keep it down a bit while letting the body come around. Good to hear the foot is getting better. Hope you get in another nice run tomorrow.

  3. When will you put in the big big runs?

  4. If I can keep myself together this week, next weekend I will get out and shred some back to back run’s. I will drop down to Mohican and train on the race cource, beyond 50k!

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