Sun & Thunderstorm’s

The start of my run was so great, warm and sunny. I ran out of pine lane trail head ( my #1 goto trail ) felt good. A little muddy from the rain we got over night but still nice. The body held together really good. Ran down to Boston Mill’s and ran up and around to Blue Hen fall’s, took a few picture’s with the iPhone

Then I could see the thunder storm’s coming over the hill’s so gave a good sprint back to pine lane. Just over 11 mile’s, not bad it felt good for a Sunday run.


7 Responses to “Sun & Thunderstorm’s”

  1. Nice run Brian – thanks for the nice pics too. Looks like you have very excellent “go-to” trails! Have a great week – hope you get to start the long efforts next weekend!

  2. This was a treat, thanks for sharing the beautiful trails!

  3. i wish i had trails like this to run. absolutely beautiful and inspirational.

  4. Damn, looks like some sweet trails!

  5. Hi there–Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you are from Akron–I grew up in Portage County, still have family living in Strongsville. Hearing the words Boston Mills brought back memories!

  6. Pine Lane is my favorite trail too.
    You took some great pictures!

  7. Wow! What an amazing trail to run on!

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