Hitting Ultramarathon Mile’s

My midweek run’s feel good. Had a good weekend of 40+ mile’s. With just little pain’s, but I feel overall good. Time to really start to push up the weekly mile’s. I do need to take it slow, I have a bad habbit of pushing too hard and fast. With the low mile’s the week’s before last week around 40 mile’s and last week of 65 mile’s. I want 80+ a week with a fast pace! It’s the fun of being a ultrarunner, running big mile’s and shredding your body. If the weather would just work with me, I would be happy. I spent all winter training in bad weather, now I want sun and heat! Hope everyone’s week is going good! RUN HARD!!!


5 Responses to “Hitting Ultramarathon Mile’s”

  1. Have a blast ramping up the miles Brian! Hope the weather starts to hold on both sides of the country 🙂

  2. Dang, I’m ready for nice weather too! Seems like it temps us for a couple of days and then it’s yucky again!

  3. polynesian69 Says:

    I’ll be an ultrarunner one day. Yah, its all about shredding!!!!

  4. What ultras have you run in the past?? I cant find your name anywhere.

  5. crank up that mileage. Ultras await

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