Running At Mohican

First of all let me hit Doug’s comment on my last post! I have only ran one race the Burning River 100 last year. I sprained my ankle in a water crossing at mile 53. I pushed on till mile 70, so I wouldn’t shred every fiber in my ankle I DNF’d! The BR100 don’t show DNF’s, so runner’s don’t feel bad. But I will tell all, I push hard! I enjoy pushing myself to my limit’s, even if it cost me a DNF! But that’s me! I’m divorced and pay child support, so not much money for a lot of race’s. On the last note, you will see my name!!! Thx Doug RUN HARD!

Today I got down to Mohican to learn the trail’s. Thank’s to ultrarunner Kim! She helped show me the some of the loop’s the Mohican 100 will use. They have all kind’s of trail’s Hike, Horse, and Mountain Bike. I love the trail’s, lot’s of hill’s, rock’s, and stream’s. We got in about 17 mile’s. It was cold 49. I wasn’t really dressed for it, so I called it a day. I really wanted more mile’s down their, but we will get back down next weekend. A little warmer Sunday. Have a great weekend!!


9 Responses to “Running At Mohican”

  1. Sounds like progress Brian – good running, hope Sunday brings warmer for you and for us. Tired of having to bring warm clothes everywhere!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Nice running with you Brian. After checking, we actually did run 21.48 miles.

  3. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Great run… when is your 100?

  4. The North Face Mohican 100 June 19, I can’t wait. Running 21 mile’s on the trail’s was a blast, but cold. The warm temps of June will be great.

  5. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    You know, the more I read about the 100’s, what you do, and others… perhaps I will attempt the feat one day!! 🙂 Very inspiring….

  6. It’s great to push and see what you and your body can do! I will set out this weekend in the nice weather we have coming and do a 50 mile training run!

  7. I hope it warms up soon, too. I like cool temps but being back in the 30’s is crazy! Glad you had a good run and that your training is going well.

  8. I loved running in Mohican when I lived in Ohio! I miss it! That place is gorgeous. Keep up the great training!

  9. I just ran 33 miles with a serious group of Ultramarathon runners. Many were signed up to do the 100 mile run and some were doing the 50 mile run on June 19-20, 2010. Love the course and must say it will be a tough but manageable course.
    I thought I would not like crossing over the many creeks and getting wet but actually it was refreshing and got rid of some of the caked on mud. I will be back on June 19th to do my first 50 miler. THank you all for showing me the trails and guiding me though the woods today. Dr. John

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