Go Boston Celtics! No Ring for the King!

It’s so hard to be far away from what I still call home, Boston Mass. I do support my new home Cleveland/Akron Ohio. But Boston will still come first, I have been through alot, with Boston sport’s. Ever since a little kid, and watching the Boston Red Sox lose game after game after game!

Last night’s game was a big one, for the Cleveland Cavalier’s and Lebron James. King James what a over played joke! Lebron is just not in the the NBA game right now! So much talk about Lebron James moving to the New York Nicks! We will see, his season’s over. It is fun being the Boston fan in Cleveland! Lebron James really had turned into a big baby, I was hear in Cleveland when he started, he was a much different basketball player then. He could keep his cool! I’m behind enemy line’s today, and yes I will brag! Because I stick by Boston and allways will, it’s home.

Anyway hope everyone has a great weekend! It will be a hardcore weekend of running for me, Big mile’s!
Have a great weekend!


One Response to “Go Boston Celtics! No Ring for the King!”

  1. I’ll let you slide on this since you are a trail runner, but Boston was one of the teams I always root against my whole life and now they beat my Cavs…. That’s OK, I don’t think either Boston/Cle were making it out of the east anyway. BBall used to be more fun to watch, now it is a bunch of self-promoters. Oh well, have some great runs Brian – get those legs seasoned for your big dance!

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