Sunny Sunday Run

It’s a nice sunny Sunday, a little cool mid 60’s. Nice for running, but I need heat! My two ultramarathon’s are summer run’s, and that mean’s heat! After 31 mile’s of muddy trail’s yesterday, I hit the hike/bike path today! No mud, but hard packed dirt and paved road. At least dry feet, easy 10 mile’s in 1:15. After running a some what technical trail, and throw in mud you have hour’s of tough technical trail’s. I fell a few time’s in the swamp, it’s allways muddy. But yesterday the water was high and you couldn’t see the root’s when you are hauling ass though it! And I’m not going to walk! A lot of work, but so much fun! I wish I had pics, but I have killed too many things on the trail’s.


2 Responses to “Sunny Sunday Run”

  1. Wow, nice pace for your 10 miles! Wish I was that speedy!

    I love the 60 degree temps. I’m not ready for heat yet, I guess that’s why I live in Colorado

  2. Okay, I get what you mean. I love running in cool weather, but the hot weather is bound to come on race day so it’s nice to have some time to acclimate to it. I’ve been telling myself that I need to run later in the day so I can get used to the heat. I just hate it…

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