Mohican 100 Training Run

Went down to Mohican Memorial State Forest to hammer some training mile’s for the North Face Mohican 100. But again, we have been getting nothing but rain! So the horse trail’s are all ankle deep MUD! I really hope for a dry race day! Only 27 day’s till race day. If we go into a wet race, I will have a slow time. I got a good 30 mile’s in today. A great run, until I ran out of water. At least I will have aid station’s on race day! I really wanted more mile’s but running out water and running in mud just beat we up! So I took the long drive home.
Hope everyone’s weekend is going good and dry!


4 Responses to “Mohican 100 Training Run”

  1. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Hey Brian!! Good luck in your 100!! Is this a technical course? How long are you thinking it will take you? Just curious…. trying to wrap my brain around what it might be like to actually do one someday.

    • It’s a pretty hard course, alot of hill’s. And wet, deep mud! I would like a sub 24 hour, but if it’s wet forget that!

      • Tammy Wuerth Says:

        Whoa… Holy @@&&$ 🙂 24 hours… I know it takes at least that for most out here at the Leadville 100….. but, it’s so hard to fathom running for that long… let alone…staying awake!! Good for you!

  2. Wet feet for 24 hours sounds TOUGH, how do you prep your tootsies for something like that? How often will you change shoes and socks?

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