A Muddy and Humid Sunday Run

Hit the trail’s today to stretch the body out from yesterday’s run in Mohican. We got the heat today the bad part is we have had so many day’s of rain it got humid. So as I hammer the muddy trail’s out of Pine Lane trail head it was like running in the rain! Out of my 14 mile’s today, the only dry spot was crossing road’s and a little spot of the bike path. A good run, just another day of dealing with fast weather change’s and alot of mudd!


3 Responses to “A Muddy and Humid Sunday Run”

  1. Keep plugging away at it Brian – one of these days it will be prime running weather and you will have good mileage in the “leg bank” to do some quality runs. That will make the effort worthwhile. Keep hitting the dirt!

  2. becelisa Says:

    it’s so miserable here already. days are mid to upper 90s with rediculous humidity and it’ll be this way for months to come. keep running! your dedication to the miles is inspiring!

  3. I hope that it dries out soon and that we don’t have a muggy summer. I bet all of your running in the mud makes for strong legs. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that race day is dry!

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