Moving forward

Easy runs in the past week, but had a few hard left ankle rolls! Not Good this close to race day. Feel a little undertrained but with everything going on these days, I just do what I can! My mom is home with my dad and doing good after her heart surgury. I hope everyone is cranking out good runs, so many great summer races! We are still getting alot of rain here in Ohio. I started a new blog check it let me know what you think, the link over on the side bodybuilding and fitness!


6 Responses to “Moving forward”

  1. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Stay positive 🙂 Glad your mom is doing better, and the rest, I believe, will just fall into place.

  2. Good news about your mom. If you sprained badly and are having repeat rolls, you might think about a light brace. I wore one for a month or so last year after a bad sprain and it helped protect it while it regained strength. If you’re interested, drop a message and I’ll put a link on for the type I used. Keep running!

  3. Sorry, that was Steve!!

  4. That’s wonderful that your mom is home and doing well. Take care of the ankles! Sending you lots of good vibes for the race.

  5. People always say it’s much better going into an ultra undertrained than injured. Good luck!

    And I like this blog much better. Tell the guy in that pic I’m gonna thump his ass if I run into him!

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