Mohican 100 race report part one

Well, I started the morning messing with a ankle supporter. Just walking around Mohican Adventures before the start, I said it has to come off! I would carry it with me just in case! I put it on my fuel belt so I would see and feel it, just a reminder, just one hard roll and the race is over! The best money I ever spent! And didn’t even use it! The start of the race was nice, a nice cool morning for a race. I did get stuck behind some slower runners, not that is all bad. It was just slower than my set pace. We got a little rain befor the sun came up, it wasn’t good we where too have a hot “90” and humid day anyway!
The purple loop was fun for me and a left ankle! Wet rocks, roots and climbing up and around Little Lyons falls. The didn’t feel hot at first but it was humid. Everything just fell in place, drinking alot of water and heed. And shove some kind food in my mouth, whether I like it or not! Everything would turn after Rock Point aid station! Hitting the roads, back country roads around farms and the hot sun started to burn! I could see it beating down runners and me. I hit Mohican Wilderness aid station, the half way point of the road section and 30 miles into the race! I didn’t want to spend much time resting I had to get this road out of the way! I get back to rock point aid station the end of the roads. Back on the trails I felt like a new runner, after the road and sun beating me up for like 20 miles. My left ankle was so tight from the road ” like it was going to lock up ” so when I hit the trails all the random movement forced the left ankle to loosen up, but stay on my game to much roll the race is over! Yes this ankle was a pain in my ass all race long, with three hard rolls two weeks leading up to the race leaves me with a ankle I shouldn’t be running a 100 mile race! But who said I was a smart guy!
More later I need a nap!


5 Responses to “Mohican 100 race report part one”

  1. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Wow Brian!! Congratulations!! and.. doing it all on a sore ankle.. ouch!! Great job though!! When’s your next big endeavor?

  2. Cindy Antenucci Says:

    Great job Brian! Now that I’ve done a 50, I’m even more in awe of you guys that do 100! Wow. Congratulations! Red.

  3. Great job Brian – glad you made it through the 100. Did you enjoy it enough to do another?

  4. Great job! You got off to a great start and ran smart. Glad you didn’t need the ankle support.

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