Mohican 100 race report part 2

As I move on with a good pace through the trails, everything seems too fly by at this point. Moving good, feeling good the next aid stations south park, fire tower, and covered bridge go good still on pace for sub 24, but holding on through the night is another story! As I move up to hickory ridge aid station (59 miles into the race) I start running into runner coming apart. It has been a hard day, hot, humid, trails, rivers, and roads beating everyone up for 60 miles I can understand.
As we all move on to the start/finish line mohican adventures ( mile 64 ) but this is not the end! Most runners might want to drop, having to go back out at this point with night falling in fast! I change my socks, wow that felt so good! I have been in the same shoe’s and socks for 64 miles. I only running the race in one pair of La Sportiva Fire Blades! I grab my flash light to work with my head lamp for the long night. Grab my long sleve shirt to keep my body temp through the night, I tie it around my waist just on top of my fuel belt, and I’m gone. Not sure if any of the runners ever got back out on the trails!
As I move through night falls and I really start to slow. Everything gets foggy I think I was sleeping, I know I was moving, hit aid stations eat and drink and move! Taking it easy, I let go of my sub 24 it’s not worth rolling my bad ankle! As morning moves inthe miles have taken a toll on my legs! Me and a few other runners just power walk toward the finish! Then we allmost get run down by mountian bikers, we are on a bike trail. They know we are out on the trails but we are heading right into each other head to head so we run into each other fast! They are nice and try to move out of the way, but it still a shock after 95 miles! The last miles drag but I reach the finish 28 hours 25 min 102 miles.


9 Responses to “Mohican 100 race report part 2”

  1. Wow, I just read your lasts posts about your race and I’m so happy for you. It could have ended differently and it didn’t, WAY TO GO! You really pressed on and worked it, I’m sure you’re completely in recover mode now. You deserve it. How’s the ankle?

  2. WOW! Congratulations! You are amazing, I couldn’t ever imagine running 100 miles. Running through the night would be quite the experience. So happy you kept at it despite the ankle and other challenges.

    That pic of you is awesome! You look so very happy!

  3. You did great Brian – huge congratulations out to you!

  4. Incredible!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. becelisa Says:

    absolutely amazing and inspiring. i can’t imagine running 100 miles none-the-less with a bad ankle. congratulations on an incredible race!

  6. Hell yeah! Great job! And that’s a sweet buckle too…

  7. Thank’s, it really was a good race! A little slower than I wanted, but I had to be carefull of the ankle and the heat!

  8. You are amazing! And that is a really nice belt buckle. Better than a t-shirt, for sure. I’m so happy for you and you should be so proud of yourself. Congrats!

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