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Running 2 100’s Close Together

Posted in Running, Trail Running, Ultrarunning on July 23, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

It really is hard to go from one hundred mile run to another in just less 6 weeks. You have to recover from one race, the Mohican 100 that was hotter than hell! Then taper for the next hundred mile run, the Burning River 100 July 31 and will be hot! So you can see that it really doesn’t leave much time for training. Nevermind that it’s been hot at work, and just working my ball’s off too! And that’s why I have 0% body fat! Running, work, and kids keep me none stop. I will get out and Slam some good runs this weekend to tone up for next weekends race! Hope everyone can get out and Enjoy the summer this weekend!


I Play Cheerleader For BT50k

Posted in Running, Trail Running, Ultrarunning on July 17, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

That’s right I play the role of cheerleader for the Buckeye Trail 50k race. I was at Snowville road aid station to watch the race, it was a nice hot race. The heat was getting to the runners, but most did very good. It was nice to take it easy and watch. Two weeks to my race, The Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run. We will try again for a sub 24 hour finish, I didn’t get it at Mohican 100 just 4 week’s ago, but I did have to recover in time for BR100. This summer is really working up as a Hot one, making all runs a hard workout! Congats to all runners and a big thanks to aid station workers of the BT 50k, it’s what racing is all about! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, get outside and have some fun and…..

Happy B-day Trail Run

Posted in Running, Trail Running on July 14, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Another year past, 39 years old and life is good. I play part time dad to my great kids! I can run, hike and bike. I got a good 6 mile trail run in before work, a little wet and humid from yesterday’s rain but a nice run. I would have loved to run more but to work I go! I have to save my time off for races, so no big deal. Have a great week!

A Great Day For A Run

Posted in Running, Trail Running on July 10, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

It was a great day for a run, high 80’s and sunny. Not sure how many miles I got in ( maybe 15 miles ) but it was a great run. Everything felt pretty good as the last weeks leading up to the BR100 go by.

An easy week

Posted in Running, Trail Running on July 9, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Took it easy this week, Hot and Humid. Didn’t run for a few days, but will hammer some miles this weekend. I will train on the Burning River 100 trails, the race is at the end of the month. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy 4th of July

Posted in Running, Trail Running on July 4, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Happy 4th of July!! Now go blow something up or watch someone else do it! I was going to run 18 miles or so today. But I went with tha old H&H ( hills and heat ) it’s hot out today so the heat part is all in. Pick trail’s with alot of hill’s to run, and throw in a road with hill’s and alot of sun! That’s the way to push the 4th! I started at pine lane trail head and ran down to Boston Mill’s. The took the road out toward Brandy Wine Fall’s. And being on the road in the sun was a hot one!! Then the big trail hill up up up to the top of the fall’s. Then turn around and pound back down and run all the way back to Pine Lane. I really would have loved to take some picture’s, but no time to mess around this is a training run. I have the Burning River 100 Endurance Run at the end of July. Everything feel’s good, about 12 mile’s give or take. The hill’s and heat make it a worth while training run overall. Hope everyone has a great 4th and weekend, get outside!
RUN HARD!!!!!!
Darn girl thinks she’s funny, takes after her dad!

Oil Creek 100 sign up

Posted in Running, Trail Running, Ultrarunning on July 1, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

That’s right got off the ass and some $$$$ and signed up for the Oil Creek 100 trail run in Titusville Pennsylvania. The 50k and 100k is allready sold out and only 30 spots left in the 100 mile. I just want the 100 anyway, but it will sell out soon. So I had to move on it now, I hear alote of good things about this race. The nice cool fall weather will make a fun race. I can’t wait! But first things first, and that is the Burning River 100 in 30 days!
Ultramarathon’s this summer have already coming and going fast! The Mohican 100 was slow, hot and had alot of DNF’s. While the Western states had fast times and the most sub 24 hour times ever. You just never know what will happen with so many factors coming into play. I love it, push it and see what you can do! The race will end and another will take it’s place. So race it and love it, no matter what happens!!!