Oil Creek 100 sign up

That’s right got off the ass and some $$$$ and signed up for the Oil Creek 100 trail run in Titusville Pennsylvania. The 50k and 100k is allready sold out and only 30 spots left in the 100 mile. I just want the 100 anyway, but it will sell out soon. So I had to move on it now, I hear alote of good things about this race. The nice cool fall weather will make a fun race. I can’t wait! But first things first, and that is the Burning River 100 in 30 days!
Ultramarathon’s this summer have already coming and going fast! The Mohican 100 was slow, hot and had alot of DNF’s. While the Western states had fast times and the most sub 24 hour times ever. You just never know what will happen with so many factors coming into play. I love it, push it and see what you can do! The race will end and another will take it’s place. So race it and love it, no matter what happens!!!


3 Responses to “Oil Creek 100 sign up”

  1. Love the end of your post, that’s the best racing attitude I’ve ever come across! See what you can do! Race it, love it, run hard… Enjoy the ride (or run)! There ARE so many factors – it can drive you insane, and I think for some it does–I guess that’s why so many stick to roads! Thanks for your encouragement. You may have just inspired another post. Do TNF races sell out that fast? Happy running!

  2. Great post. You’re lucky to have such good races to choose from. A US trail race will definitely figure in my 2011 plan..

  3. This is my new aspirational blog. Wow. I feel like such a baby-runner by comparison. Hehe.

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