I Play Cheerleader For BT50k

That’s right I play the role of cheerleader for the Buckeye Trail 50k race. I was at Snowville road aid station to watch the race, it was a nice hot race. The heat was getting to the runners, but most did very good. It was nice to take it easy and watch. Two weeks to my race, The Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run. We will try again for a sub 24 hour finish, I didn’t get it at Mohican 100 just 4 week’s ago, but I did have to recover in time for BR100. This summer is really working up as a Hot one, making all runs a hard workout! Congats to all runners and a big thanks to aid station workers of the BT 50k, it’s what racing is all about! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, get outside and have some fun and…..


2 Responses to “I Play Cheerleader For BT50k”

  1. Good Job Brian – giving a little back is always good. Aid station workers are awesome!

  2. “Nice” and “hot” rarely follow each other when I talk about running. I’m sure your enthusiasm what appreciated by the runners. I’m excited for you to run your 100 mile race. I just can’t imagine doing something like that, so thanks for sharing your experiences so I can see what it is like. Good luck preparing!

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