Running 2 100’s Close Together

It really is hard to go from one hundred mile run to another in just less 6 weeks. You have to recover from one race, the Mohican 100 that was hotter than hell! Then taper for the next hundred mile run, the Burning River 100 July 31 and will be hot! So you can see that it really doesn’t leave much time for training. Nevermind that it’s been hot at work, and just working my ball’s off too! And that’s why I have 0% body fat! Running, work, and kids keep me none stop. I will get out and Slam some good runs this weekend to tone up for next weekends race! Hope everyone can get out and Enjoy the summer this weekend!


3 Responses to “Running 2 100’s Close Together”

  1. Get out there and get after it Brian – have some great runs this weekend!

  2. I hope you get in some good running this weekend. Running one 100 mile race is amazing. Juggling two is incredible.

  3. Wow…can’t imagine one. let alone two! Good Luck!

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