BR 100 DNF’d

Got out for the second time to run the Burning River 100 and for the second time I DNF’s! I must just be pushing to fast, a race I train on in my back yard and it eat’s me up. It was a great day! Great aid station’s with awsome workers! Alot of great runners. I really had a great time, but I just couldn’t keep my legs together and at mile 74 I called it a day ( a great day for pain ). I went out a little fast and I backed off fast but I new at mile 25 it just wasn’t going to be my day, but I don’t give till I know my legs just can’t do anymore (and that I will have many great days of pain after). I should say my feet, it is always my feet and ankles, so with that it’s time to go trail shoe shopping!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and week I will kick my legs up and recover for the next 100 mile run!


8 Responses to “BR 100 DNF’d”

  1. Wow! I’m so sorry that you didn’t finish, but so impressed that you ran 74 miles. It was so close to your other race, which makes it even more amazing. You are such an inspiration! Rest up and I hope you recovery quickly.

  2. Nice shot at tackling another big one. Good way to keep positive about the DNF – keep kicking the dirt!

  3. becelisa Says:

    making it 74 miles so soon after your other 100 is more than many would even dare attempt. dnf or not, you truly are amazing!

  4. Brian,

    ran with you and maria??? on the road to Happy days. I believe my pacer (nephew) talked with you a while while we walked the road. You looked pretty good then. I bonked hard at happy days and ended the day in the ER. all is well now and I plan to get back next year. I was so pumped as this is my hometown course to. Redemption after some R & R. Keep you head up.

    Chris – AKA kron

  5. Awesome attitude. We all have those days – whether 100 miles or 10! Thanks for your motivation!

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