More Time To Train

As I come from a DNF of the Burning River 100 and everything that went wrong and right in the race has come to light. Going out too fast, 2 100 mile races close together, and the biggest is my training! I’m overall happy, I’m pushing myself too my limits! And I’m getting better. My training just needs to be more hardcore and now it will start. One DNF will fuel my training going to Oil Creek 100. The BR100 went from a cramp too much pain after 50 miles, pushing too hard will do that. The cramp is from starting out to fast, and that was done because in the Mohican 100 I lost a lot of time on the single path trails from very slow runners. But I don’t like to place blame on anyone or anything because we will overlook the real problems! If someone blames the heat the hole time the problem wasn’t the heat.
But anyway I sit think and recover, feeling great. Can’t wait to start my next stage of training and yes it will be more Hardcore. I even going to try a new pair of trail shoe’s, very important part of training and racing! I don’t race like most these days, I don’t have drop bags all over, with gear for six races! I have a Minimalist approach to trail running and racing. My only drop bag has change of socks, long sleave shirt, extra flash light, and a protein bar. But some people need more and they should have what they feel they need. Something is really wrong with leaving comments on blogger with open I D, keep getting errors and it seems to happen to a lot of people!
Have a great week! And


5 Responses to “More Time To Train”

  1. I’m glad your feeling good and are excited about your training. Hope you enjoy your new trail shoes!

  2. Good attitude and positive outlook going into the future races. You could add some fun, too. With your responsibilities, you don’t want all your running to turn into “work”. What shoes are you going to try?

  3. That’s a given Steve! I love trail running and it’s gotta be fun, but I have to push hard in my training so I can have even more fun and less pain!

  4. I’m not sure what shoes I will try, but they need to have little heal and low profile and dry out fast! I love La Sportiva Fire Blades, but like a litte more padding under the foot!

    • I have had good luck with the La Sportiva Wildcat, which is more cushioned than the Fireblade for sure but maybe a small amount taller. I also have great luck with the Asics Trabuco, and their new one (13) is certainly more cushioned than anything LS makes. For what it’s worth – but shoes are pretty much personal taste.

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