Utrarunning Magazine is Uplifting

That’s right! I needed a little something to make me look up, as a long week has come to an end. The new Ultrarunning Magazine came in the mail today. I allways love to read about the races and pictures of the trails runners are running on. But this time I’m looking at the Mohican 100 that I finished 28:47:40 37th place! That’s uplifting after last weekends poor DNF at 73 miles in 19:35 hours at the Burning River 100.
But life goes on, and I can’t sit around and cry about it! Races and Better days are allways around the corner, but you have to get up and get going! And for me that means Oil Creek 100 this fall. I had a good few days off after the BR100 but then a long few days of work, driving around Cleveland loading and unloading my truck for 10 hour days. It’s rough when your whole body is sore. I hope everyone has a great weekend, I hope to get in some run’s in!


3 Responses to “Utrarunning Magazine is Uplifting”

  1. You are such an inspiration!
    I don’t want to say “I could never do what you do” because I want to believe that with enough training, I could, but it is a remarkable feat to me!
    Ultramarathoners are my motivation to put in that extra mile 🙂

  2. nothing like that trip to the mailbox to put a little spring in the step!

  3. I have such an admiration for ultramarathoners…it must feel pretty damn good to do something that so few people would ever dare to attempt.

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