Running And New Car

Well it’s been a week full of stress and so many things to be done. I have had some nice short trail runs. But just not a lot of time for much. I just got a new car, the Chevy Camaro RS! Yes it cost, but you only live once. It’s one heck of a car. I feel like a kid and my first car! That’s the feeling anyway! Hope everyone has a great week and weekend!
Play hard!


5 Responses to “Running And New Car”

  1. Ah the smell of horsepower in the air!!! Have fun but stay out of trouble 🙂

  2. nice!! My friend got one of those last year when they first came out. Very nice interior…pretty low to the ground! and you are right…you only live once!! Enjoy!

  3. Wow! That is quite a car. Good for you! You are right, you only live once and it is a beautiful car. Enjoy it!

  4. love it! now you have to decide where to log more miles … running or driving!

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