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American Pride Camaro

Posted in Camaro, Running, Trail Running on September 12, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

I took the day yesterday to show my new Camaro at the big Camaro Classic at Summit Racing! Because it was Sept 11 Chevy and Camaro5 showed the American Pride Camaro, a car for sept 11 and the men and women fighting in over sea’s. I took the day off from running to help out the club I now belong too, The NorthEast Ohio Camaro Club. Just a few shot’s, too see even more check out my other blog!


No more racing this year

Posted in Running, Trail Running, Ultrarunning on September 9, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

I will not run Oil Creek 100 this year. I will take it easy with my ankle. I will just enjoy fall and winter trail running, and get ready for next year’s racing! I have one good Mohican 100 finish and one Burning River 100 DNF at 71 miles. I have alot of miles is summer from training and racing. So look forward to next year of racing and meeting great runners!

Running Slow

Posted in Running, Trail Running on September 6, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Running has been going slow. A messed up ankle and being sick last week. Things are just going too slow to race oil creek 100, but we will see if I can get something in the coming weeks. No refunds on the race so I will ride it out and see what happens! Have a great week!
RUN HARD!! Or Slow!