It’s been too long

Well let’s see, the busted up foot is getting better. I made this healing time my off season to make sure that everything heals up nice! Just not good when you drop a 100 pound object on the top middle part of your foot! But it did give me time too enjoy driving the new Camaro! I also really need to get a new computer but I will only get the new MacBook Pro and just too much $$ right now! Hope everyone is doing good with life and running! Alot more soon!


5 Responses to “It’s been too long”

  1. Good to see you’re kicking!

  2. Yes, too long! Glad you are doing fine and enjoying the new ride.

  3. Tammy Wuerth Says:

    Ouch! You have had a wild ride w/ those feet/ankles… etc…. at least now you can take your wild ride in your camero…. take it easy…. when is your next big run?

    • It’s all good I just started my off season a little sooner this time around. I will be doing the Mohican 100 again in 2011, try too better this years time! Hope all is great for you! I have been out of the loop because it makes me want to run and I needed the time off to heal.

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