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Running And New Car

Posted in Camaro RS, It's Life, Running, Trail Running on August 12, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Well it’s been a week full of stress and so many things to be done. I have had some nice short trail runs. But just not a lot of time for much. I just got a new car, the Chevy Camaro RS! Yes it cost, but you only live once. It’s one heck of a car. I feel like a kid and my first car! That’s the feeling anyway! Hope everyone has a great week and weekend!
Play hard!


Day By Day

Posted in It's Life, Running on June 6, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

All is well with my mom, she got her double bypass heart surgery. Just taking everything one day at a time. So much to do and so little time to fit it all in. I have got some short run’s in this week. 14 day’s to the North Face Mohican 100. I’m not feeling great with my training at this point. Very strong in the leg’s as far pumping on the short mile’s, but don’t think the endurance in the big mile’s is their to tap into. We will see on race day. I’m not the kind of guy that back’s out of something I set out to do! Have a great week!

It’s Allway’s Something

Posted in It's Life, Trail Running, Ultrarunning on May 29, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

You allway’s have to wonder when everything is going good, that something bad must be coming. My ultramarathon training has been going good, but not great! And that’s because their’s allway’s something to get in the way. My mother has had a heart attack and now need’s heart bypass surgery! So it’s been a long week and the next will not be any better! It’s all part of life, we never know what will come.

We just need to live for today, like we will die tomorrow!
I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! RUN HARD!!

Go Boston Celtics! No Ring for the King!

Posted in It's Life, Running on May 14, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

It’s so hard to be far away from what I still call home, Boston Mass. I do support my new home Cleveland/Akron Ohio. But Boston will still come first, I have been through alot, with Boston sport’s. Ever since a little kid, and watching the Boston Red Sox lose game after game after game!

Last night’s game was a big one, for the Cleveland Cavalier’s and Lebron James. King James what a over played joke! Lebron is just not in the the NBA game right now! So much talk about Lebron James moving to the New York Nicks! We will see, his season’s over. It is fun being the Boston fan in Cleveland! Lebron James really had turned into a big baby, I was hear in Cleveland when he started, he was a much different basketball player then. He could keep his cool! I’m behind enemy line’s today, and yes I will brag! Because I stick by Boston and allways will, it’s home.

Anyway hope everyone has a great weekend! It will be a hardcore weekend of running for me, Big mile’s!
Have a great weekend!

Happy Mothers Day

Posted in It's Life on May 9, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Best wishes to all mom’s and even my ex-wife! Have a great day!

Running At Mohican

Posted in It's Life, Running, Trail Running, Ultrarunning on May 8, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

First of all let me hit Doug’s comment on my last post! I have only ran one race the Burning River 100 last year. I sprained my ankle in a water crossing at mile 53. I pushed on till mile 70, so I wouldn’t shred every fiber in my ankle I DNF’d! The BR100 don’t show DNF’s, so runner’s don’t feel bad. But I will tell all, I push hard! I enjoy pushing myself to my limit’s, even if it cost me a DNF! But that’s me! I’m divorced and pay child support, so not much money for a lot of race’s. On the last note, you will see my name!!! Thx Doug RUN HARD!

Today I got down to Mohican to learn the trail’s. Thank’s to ultrarunner Kim! She helped show me the some of the loop’s the Mohican 100 will use. They have all kind’s of trail’s Hike, Horse, and Mountain Bike. I love the trail’s, lot’s of hill’s, rock’s, and stream’s. We got in about 17 mile’s. It was cold 49. I wasn’t really dressed for it, so I called it a day. I really wanted more mile’s down their, but we will get back down next weekend. A little warmer Sunday. Have a great weekend!!