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Loving The Outdoors

Posted in Hiking, Rock Climbing, Running, Trail Running on May 2, 2010 by ultrarunnerbrianphilpot

Got up this morning and just wanted to go! So I grab my girl’s and some Gatorade, jump in the truck. We head up to Virginia Kendall park in Peninsula Ohio, I make it sound like it’s far away but it’s only 4 mile’s down the road. We got to the Ledges to do some hiking, the girl’s love the ledges, but hate hiking. I allway’s want to do some rock climbing when I come here, but you can’t at this park. We have a rock gym down the street but it’s not the same! I took some picture’s, it’s a great place to run but you have to get their before all the people. I got a few mile’s in hiking with the girl’s, good warm up for the leg’s. After taking the girl’s home to their mom’s house, I went back out to the trail’s and got 8 more mile’s of running in. So that’s 41 mile’s for the weekend, not bad. I could have been faster!